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Ten things you didn’t know about Granny Smith

1) The main inspiration for the game was the intro sequence to the “Naked Gun” movies with Leslie Nielsen.


2) The working title of the game was “Rollo”, named after a Swedish candy. The folder in our main game repository is still called rollo.

Rollo candy

3) The game objective of collecting three apples before the thief was unknowingly invented by Jon Jordan at PocketGamer. We showed the game to PocketGamer at the Nordic Game Conference, and based on a misunderstanding, Jon wrote an article about how he thought the game worked. When we read his article we first went – doh, he got it all wrong! Then we went – hmm, his idea is actually more fun than ours, let’s change it! We still haven’t told Jon about this.

4) The voice actor for Granny is also a talented illustrator.

5) The main character was first an old man called Mr Rollins.

6) The soda machine in some of the city levels has a sticker that says “More molecules” as a tribute to the movie Idiocracy.

7) Even though the game only has two buttons, we spent a whole month trying out different control schemes before we settled on the current one. Some of them included the tilt sensor and a button for rotating backwards.

8) The Panda at the Zoo level is a tribute to Henrik’s girlfriend Hanna, based on a nickname he has for her.

9) The building textures in the city levels are mostly made out of photos from San Francisco, where Dennis lived for some time before Mediocre existed.

10) The Stanley character is based on a man called Sten, well-known in the Swedish games industry for organizing great parties at game development conferences.

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